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Specialized management of theme park operation 

Oversee different theme park operations using SiS software: manage ticket or bracelet sales and presales onsite, by phone or online; manage your concession stands by creating customized menus and combos; manage employee schedules; create and manage packages, customized gift cards and cards (points, tokens, etc.) and control site and locker access with RFID bracelets or biometrics. As an added feature, include RFID bracelet or fingerprint payment to allow clients to make purchases throughout the site.


  • Reservations onsite, by phone or online (available with SiS Web 2).
  • Employee management (availability, schedule, pay)
  • Management of gift cards, packages and cards (point, tokens, rebates, etc.)
  • Complete inventory management (suppliers, adjustments, purchase orders, etc.)
  • Electronic payment integration with Desjardins, Monéris, Global, Chase, etc.
  • Transfer to accounting software (ACCPAC, Acomba, etc.)
  • And more!

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