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Secure and control access optimally

Safeguard the access to your parking lots and buildings, control entries into your events and program which door gives access to whom and when, by using the latest and most innovative technology available! SiS Access Control offers dependable and efficient control, allowing you to get the entry and exit history and real-time access control for each client and employee.



  • Compatible with most Boon Edam gates, turnstiles, security corridors, Automatic Systems, etc.
  • Supports RFID technologies, 1D and 2D barcode, magnetic tapes and biometrics
  • Display of inputs and outputs, in real time
  • Management of the locations of each barrier, turnstile, etc.
  • Manual opening of gates, turnstiles and others remotely via a computer, laptop, smart phone, pocket PC, etc. (Security Station)
  • History of entries and exits for each client and visitor
  • Statistical reports of inputs and outputs
  • Compatible with SiS sales interfaces Ticketing, SiS Loyalty, SiS Hosting and SiS Activities to control tickets from an RFID reader, 1D barcode, 2D barcode, biometrics, magnetic stripe
  • Management of identity cards to allow access to doors at certain pre-established times
  • Supports the infra-red people counting plug-in (inputs and outputs)
  • Check tickets, temporary passes, etc. from the SiS Web Ticketing and SiS WEB Loyalty.
  • Exporting reports to Word, Excel, PDF, Crystal Reports; sending by email
  • Preprogrammed transmission of reports (sent to print or by email)

List of plugins that can
enhance this module




Automatic people counting system


ATM sales kiosk


Use RFID technology on a POS


Data Backup automatically

Electronic Locks for Lockers

Electronic management of lockers

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic management of doors

  • Technical specifications
  • Supports Windows XP Pro, Vista Pro, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Supports Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or newer
  • RAM: 1 GB minimum or 4 GB minimum (if MS SQL Server installed on same workstation)
  • Free hard drive space: 20 GB minimum
  • Processor Intel Core2 or better or AMD Turion 2 or better
  • Display screen minimum resolution: 1024x768
  • Supports PC mobile tablet and mobile printer (e.g. Microsoft Surface Pro)
  • Works with Microsoft SQL Server 2003 or higher. SiS provides MS SQL Server 2008 R2 or MS SQL Server 2012 Express Edition. This version supports 10 stations simultaneously. For more than 10 workstations, we recommend purchasing MS SQL Server 2008R2 or 2012 (standard or professional edition)
  • Supports most electronic gates* (SiS Integration kit required - RFID - Barcode -Biometrics)
  • Supports most electronic turnstiles* (SiS Integration kit required - RFID - Barcode -Biometrics)
  • Supports most electronic security entrance lanes* (SiS Integration kit required - RFID - Barcode -Biometrics)
  • Supports Pocket PC mobiles with GSB/3G/Wi-Fi Honeywell, Unitech, Symbol (SiS Mobile required)
  • Supports all smart phones with barcode reader or RFID with IOS Apple or Android (SiS Phone)
  • Supports locker RFID Cocy locks (SiS Store required)
  • Supports most doors with electronic SiS locks (SiS Locks required)
  • Supports SiS access points with or without electronic payment

* Contact one of our representatives to ensure that your equipment is perfectly compatible with our SiS software.